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online documentation - JDataTextField

The JDataTextField is a component which interacts like a JTextBox, but has a hidden feature to provide a list of possible values - that can be a list of already used values for this field, or a result based on a database query, dependent of your implementation of a IUsedValueFinder. The component is optimized for object-oriented environments, the IUsedValueFinder gets an "object" and "property" value passed on which can be set as property for the component. Can be a real feature for your application, when you use the component instead of JTextField application-wide.


state of implementation

implemented (idea - in design - in development - implemented - qa passed)

user interactions

  • type text
  • press hotkey (e.g. F8) and choose value from dropdown list
  • modifying the preselected value after choosing it from the list

kown bugs


future plans

Availability to use the already typed text as a search query, which will be passed on to the IUsedValueFinder implementation. The typed text may contain wildcards (*, ?, %, .), in the end of the text a wildcard will be added implicit. The wildcard will be replaced by the DOS convention or ORCL convention wildcard, dependend on properties. (allowDOSWildcard, allowORCLWildcard, primaryWildcard (DOS/ORCL) for the implicit wildcard)

interface modification: implementation which allows the selected object to be returned - when displaying different than strings in list