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online documentation - JColorComboBox

The JColorComboBox is a simple component which interacts like a simple JComboBox, but already has some color renderer implementations. It also supports userdefined colors and the selection of null (None). The additional features like userdefined colors or selection of null can be enabled or disabled for the component, the list of predefined colors can simply be customized by adding "named colors" to the component. You can simply modify the names of the colors, e.g. by defining your own named colors. If you are a game developer and you want the JColorComboBox to be used to select a player's role, you can simply implement the NamedColor interface on your player's role implementation.


state of implementation

implemented (idea - in design - in development - implemented - qa passed)

user interactions

  • choose one out of predefined (in your application) colors
  • optional: choose userdefined color
  • optional: choose "none"
  • optional: choose one out of predefined objects having a color

kown bugs

something with userdefined colors / null item seems to be wrong (they appear multiple times in drop-down list)

future plans

  • support for system colors